Tantra K¹³ Évolution - DONATION PACKAGE FREEBIES as of Sept. 14, 2020

Added the 14-09-2020 By GM Igneel

Tantra K¹³ Évolution - DONATION PACKAGE FREEBIES as of September 14 2020

Donation 1: Amount: 9.90 USD (500 in php)

:new: OPTION 1: 20 BUNDLES CHOCOLATE, 20 BUNDLES DIABETROL, 20 bundles White Rose,  5pcs HP SPELL 


OPTION 3: NORMAL TANEY - 12k TANEYS + 5b Ruphias + Avatar of your Choice


Donation 2: Amount: 19.5 USD (1000 in php)

OPTION 1: COSTUME of Choice +15 With 50 Chakra, 2pcs Uta Sampad, 5pcs Bedante, 1B rupiahs, Tikoy power Pack

OPTION 2: PET of Choice Level 12, GOD NECKLACE, 5 Bundles Chocolates, 5 bundles White Rose, 5 bundles Diabetrol

OPTION 3: NORMAL TANEY - 25k TANEYS, 5 Bundles Chocolates, 5 bundles White Rose, 5 bundles Diabetrol, 1B rupiahs, Tikoy power Pack

Donation 3: 49 USD (2500 in php)

:new: OPTION 1: NEW WEAPON OF CHOICE (clean) :new:  + Normal Taney 66k TANEYS (taney pin)

OPTION 2: NORMAL TANEY - 66k TANEYS, 5pcs Chakra Spell, 10bundles Chocolate, 10 bundles RS

new OPTION 3:  MYSTIC ACCESSORY SET - 8pcs (2rings/earrings/brace, Necklace, Charm), +15 Hero Set of CHOICE, +15 MYSTIC WEAPON 1pc, DOEK TITLE + Perfect Wings Mount of Choice


OPTION 4:  New Charm of your CHOICE, 20 Bundles Pot of your Choice (Chocolate-WhiteRose-Diabetrol-Pepero), 5 Bundles RS, 5pcs Misada Spell, 1pc. Tikoy, 5 pcs Charm of Rokana, 5 pcs Chakra Spell. Charms: Priotize Charm ; 3000fr Lord Charm ; Gruiaz Charm of Divine ; Ryirue Charm of Divine


Donation 4: 98 USD (5000 in php)

Option 1: Normal Taney - 150k taneys, 20bundles Chocolate, 10pcs Chakra Spell, God Necklace, Mini New NEW WINGS MOUNT Mini New

Option 2: Mystic Donation Package *Mystic ACCESSORY SET 2pcs Earring-2pcs Ring-2pcs Bracelet-Mystic Charm-Mystic Necklace*+15 Hero Set of your Choice*+15 Mystic Weapon of your Choice (1pc.) *Choice of Pet Level 12, MASTER COLLECTOR’s TITLE + :new: New Wings Mount of Choice :new:

Option 3: +15 Master Shoes, Pongkie/Pegasus Mount, Trace Of masters Title, 10 bundles Chocolate, 10 bundles Diabetrol, Summer Costume +15, Pet of Choice Lv. 12, God Necklace

Option 4: LIMITED OFFER! Normal Taney - 150k taneys, 10 bundles Chocolate, Battle Tanker Title (permanent) +  :new: New Wings Mount of Choice :new:

Attack Success 1000 increase
25% Attribute Damage Absorb
Damage 40% reflect
Resist 8% probabilty of Stun effect
Maximum HP 5000 increase


MMmm Happy °__________°  MASTER SET Donation PROMO MMmm Happy °__________° 
150 USD (7500 in php)

+15 Master Armor, Shoes, Pants, Gloves, Helm, Belt

+15 Mystic Weapon of Choice 2pcs

+15 Costume of Choice with 50 Chakra

'Trace OF MASTERS Title
Mini New NEW WINGS MOUNT of Choice  Mini New




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