Tantra K¹³ Évolution - DONATION PACKAGE FREEBIES as of JANUARY 2019

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Tantra K¹³ Évolution - DONATION PACKAGE FREEBIES as of JANUARY 2019

Donation Packages with FREEBIES:

Package 1:
Amount: 9.90 = 12k taney
(500 in php)
Additional Freebies: 2pcs Bedante + 3pcs 7days TIKOY + 1 UTA SAMPAD + 1pc Chakra Spell

Package 2:
19.50 USD = 25k taney 
(1000 in php)
Additional Freebies: 30days Tikoy + 3pcs bedante + 1pc Uta Sampad + 1 pc Chakra Spell + New Avatar


Package 3:
49 USD = 66k taney (2500 in php)

Additional freebies:
Option 1: +15 Tantra K13 Master's Helm or Belt (of choice) + Avatar of Choice (Madara or Apro)
Option 2:  +15 Mystic Weapon of Choice - Indicate your Chakra of Choice
Option 3:  Level 12 Pet - Kagura or Mystic Pet
PLUS: 2 hours Charm of Rokana

Guild Member Freebies:  1 bundle White Rose  + Defense Spell + 10pcs RS

Package 4:
98 (USD) = 150k taney (
5000 in php)
Additional Freebies: 
Option 1: K13 Master Part  

+15 Tantra K13 Master's Set -- 1 Part ONLY Per Donation
Choose your Part = Armor, Pants, Gloves and Shoes (Stats are a little higher than special set. Images will be posted soon)

Option 2:  Trace Master's Title (NEW)  & Perfect Wings

PLUS:  Mystic Weapon of Choice - (Indicate your Chakra of Choice)  & Level 12 New Pet - Kagura/Mystic
+ 4 pcs Chakra Spell + 10 Bundles Pots (choice of Chocolate, White Rose or Diabetrol)  + 4hrs Charm of ROKANA (new)

Guild Member Freebies: 1 bundle White Rose + 1 pc. Bedante  + Defense Spell


Tantra K¹³ Master's SET IMAGES

To claim your item freebies, Please open ticket in our website. It will be inserted manually.
SUBJECT: Donation freebies. In the message box, indicate your donation package and the date you made a donation.

**All pin codes from donations will be automatically sent in your account. Navigate on your account section, left side panel "Click here to view my donations"
**Pin codes will be topped up MANUALLY. Click on "Click here here to use a top up pin code"

Thanky you and Happy Gaming! wink

Master Set
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